Why Choose Laser Hair Removal Membership over Laser Hair Removal Package

Why Choose Laser Hair Removal Membership over Laser Hair Removal Package

laser hair removal membership

Why Choose Laser Hair Removal Membership

Most of our clients who had laser hair removal usually bought a package of 6 sessions for the area they wanted to be hair free not a laser hair removal membership. Great! Now they just paid upfront and scheduled their first treatment. Easy right? Sometimes easy may not be so easy.

Laser Hair Removal Package

Laser hair removal is the most popular procedure in cosmetic clinics and has a high demand that is because it works. But there are some rules you have to follow to achieve great results. You must have heard some of your friends complaining about results. Or the lack of results. While others achieved great results. So why does this happen?

Lots of reasons for this. A very common one is a client who has already had several sessions of laser hair removal on an area. And is doing a second round for “extra” results. If you are considering doing more laser on an area that you have been treated previously and especially, if you have already achieved 70%-90% reduction, you should be prepared for much less results than previously. And that’s because only 7 to 15% of the visible hair will be in an active growth phase and laser is only effective on this phase. Which means since you have less number of hair, consequently, less hair will be removed permanently in a given treatment session.

Other important reasons, the fact that in some centers the equipment is not properly maintained, and technicians with less experience.

The most common and the most important reason that clients see less than desired results is the fact that they don’t comply with the treatment plan prescribed by their therapist. Instead of sticking to their scheduled appointment usually spacing sessions 4-8 weeks they are missing and rescheduling their appointments for months at a time and with that behaviour, they are missing the critical growth cycles that make laser hair removal truly successful. Lack of consistency is a major cause of achieving less than optimal results and dramatically affects outcome.

Laser Hair Removal Membership

Regardless of which clinic or what hair type or skin type you have for laser hair removal there are a number of sessions needed to achieve results usually 5 to 8 in most cases some may need more depending on genetics and hormonal changes which are in most cases are normal variations.

It well understood that hair grows in phases and at different speeds and laser hair removal is effective only in the growth phase, that’s why your laser therapist may recommend visits between 3 to 6 weeks.

With an annual laser hair removal membership, you will have the chance to do the laser hair removal for the full body including face toes fingers your choices unlimited. You can have your treatment in one or many divided sessions with much lower cost. This especially an excellent program for some starting hair laser hair removal program or for a Bridal gift.


GO WITH CONFIDENCE; With our laser treatments, you will not only look better but certainly, you will feel great too. Indeed American Outpatient Clinics offers the best laser treatments in Dubai.

So, go ahead and use our comprehensive packages and individual body treatment sessions and go bare, with no worries at all and buy it now.

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Before you visit, make sure you read the following:

  • NO WAXING; no tweezing or depilatory creams for at least three weeks prior to treatment.
  • SHAVING IS OKAY; preferably, Done 48 hours or two days before you come to our office for treatment: we need to see where the hair is located.
  • WHITE, GREY AND RED HAIR; Laser hair removal treatments are not effective for white, grey or red hairs. These types of hairs are not treatable with laser.
  • PREGNANT WOMEN; We do not treat pregnant women.
  •  CREAMS AND LOTIONS; The day of your appointment, please do not apply any type of cream or lotion to the area which is going to be treated.
  • DISCOUNTED PRICES; We offer per treatment fees as well as package options at DISCOUNTED PRICES on laser hair removal packages. Please contact us for more information.

Terms And Conditions:

  • Package Promotions is valid only when advance full payment is made for the package.
  • Appointments subject to availability.
  • Due to limited availability if you do not confirm your appointment 24 hours in advance the appointment will be offered to the next person on the waiting list.
  • No Refunds.
  • Non Exchangeable
  • Appointment Required
  • All Packages valid for one year from date of purchase.

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