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1) In which city American Outpatient Clinics were first established?
Correct Answer: Houston, Texas, USA

2) What are some of the services offered at American Outpatient Clinics?
-Laser Hair Removal only
-Cosmetic Laser and Skin Rejuvenation only
-Micrdermabrasion only
-Chemical Peel only
-Stretch Marks Treatment only
-Mesotherpy only
-All The Above is True
Correct Answer: All the Above is True

3) What other services offered American Outpatient Clinics?
-Non-Surgical Face Lifting with Ultherapy (HIFU) only
-Body Reshaping and Contouring by Fat Freezing with CoolTech only
-Q-Switched Enlarged Pores Treatment only
-Cellulite Treatment only
-Scar Removal with CO2 Laser only
-All the above.
Correct Answer: All the above.

4) Which skin and hair types can be treated AOC with laser hair removal?
Correct Answer: AOC have the technology to treat all skin types and hair colors

5) What is Ultherapy used for?
Correct Answer: Skin lifting and Tightening

6) What are the advantages of Ultherapy over other systems in the market?
-Were the first to use ultrasound for skin lifting
-USA Made and U.S. FDA-Cleared
-Therapest can see all skin layers so can avoid nerves and largeblood Vessels
-Non-surgical, no downtime with noticeable results in one treatment
-All the above is true
Correct Answer: All the above is true

7) CoolTech Fat Freeze is the latest technology to get rid of stubborn fat, what areas can be treated with CoolTech?
-Chin only
-Upper arms only
-Abdomen only
-Love handles only
-Inner and outer thighs only
-Buttocks only
-All the above
Correct Answer: All the above is true

8) What is AOC Facebook page address?
Correct Answer:

9) What is AOC Twitter Handle?
Correct Answer: @AOClinics

10) What is AOC Instagram Handle?
Answer Provided: @AOClinics