Seven Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

Seven Warning Signs of a Heart Attack

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Most heart attacks start slowly with minimal chest pain. Even before the chest pain, there are many bodily signs completely unrelated to heart, could very well lead to a major heart attack.Each year about 1.1 million people are affected by the heart attack in the United States. Among these people, half of them die. Hence, it is imperative for everyone to have a good understanding of the actual symptoms of heart attack. Your knowledge coupled with the corrective steps can help you save somebody’s life. They could be your neighbor, colleague, relative, strangers or even your own life.

Seven Bodily Signs of a Heart Attack

A heart attack can be prevented if the warning signs are read correctly and in time. So, what are these warning signs of a heart attack? Let’s check the seven most common bodily signs of a heart attack.

1.  Discomfort in Chest or chest pain

The most common sign of a heart attack is the sensation of discomfort or heaviness in the chest.  This feeling of uneasiness might be more of a burning sensation.  Such symptom should not be taken lightly. If it occurs more than once, the concerned person should be rushed to the doctor.

2.  Shortness of Breath

If your breathing becomes heavy and short after a small walk, climb or another form of movement or exercise, it should be a great cause for concern.  Even if this condition is not accompanied by chest discomfort, must be taken as a warning sign. More than 40% of women who had heart attack reported experiencing shortness of breath few days before the heart attack.


3.  Sweating

Sweating excessively is one of the ways your body tells you about the possible threat of heart attack. Your heart exerts more energy while pumping blood via clogged arteries, which makes you sweat more to keep your body temperature down.  If you are sweating too much, consult a medical professional immediately.

4.  Nausea

Nausea with a regular dizziness might imply the occurrence of a heart attack.  This could occur due to artery clogging.  It can also manifest through excessive stress, fatigue after short periods of an act or exercise, or a feeling of weakness despite eating and sleeping well.

5.  Neck Pain

After a heart attack, some patients especially men remember having suffered pain and neck tension. Women are less likely to experience this type of discomfort but are more likely to feel twinges of pain and a feeling of tightness across the shoulder and down the neck. The pain can also extend to the left side of the body, the arm, and the shoulder.

6.  Lack of Response from Body Parts

If your arms feel numb and seem to drift sideways, heart problems may be the cause. If certain parts of your body begin to stop responding, do not ignore the fact. Your body could be warning you about the possible occurrence of some major catastrophe including heart attack. Affected parts can be the arms, the shoulders, or even backside of the neck.

7.  Dragging of Words While Talking

Speech difficulty does not necessarily occur after a binge with friends. It could be a more serious situation. Inability to speak coherently may be the sign of a heart attack. If you think you are having such problem, seek the help of a close friend or family members to understand what you are trying to say.

If you think you are experiencing a symptom of heart attack, first of all, do not panic. Call your Doctor immediately and explain the situation. The first 3 to 6 hours are crucial in such situation. Getting help early can greatly reduce the chance of heart damage or fatal. Moreover, according to the American Heart Association, anticoagulant drugs can stop cardia muscle loss once it starts. It can also reduce disability cases and save lives. These drugs work best if taken within the first hour of occurrence of signs of a cardiac ischemia. Therefore it is vital to recognize the warning signs of a heart attack and take immediate remedial steps.


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