Non-Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Non-Permanent Laser Hair Removal


Non-Permanent Laser Hair Removal

Non-permanent laser hair removal or laser hair bleaching, It is well-known that the fine hair (also known as baby hair) cannot be removed permanently by laser hair removal and sometimes though rear the opposite occurs, this fine hair is transformed to thick, coarse hair due to thermal effects of laser hair removal.

With QS-Ultralight we can offer our patients non-permanent laser hair removal or laser hair bleaching of fine hair using Q-Switched ND: YAG Laser targeting the melanin of fine hair shaft and bleaching it thus making it invisible and it will fall after 10-15 days without any risk of hair growth stimulation.

After 6-8 weeks the fine hair will reappear but with the same texture and quality. Some of our patients got a noticeable reduction in hair after a few sessions, but we cannot guarantee that for all patients.

How does Non-Permanent Laser Hair Removal works?

This laser can treat fine hairs that cannot be targeted by other lasers. It targets the melanin in the hair shaft and bleaches it, thus making it invisible.

What body areas could undergo this treatment?

There is no specific area. It is very safe and effective that the patients could do a full body and face hair bleaching if they want except the eye area.

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How many sessions and what is the interval between the sessions?

The patients could do many sessions as they desired with 4-6 weeks interval between the sessions.

What does Non-Permanent Laser Hair Removal feel like?

The treatment is superficial and not painful. Patients report a slight tingling sensation- however, a topical anesthetic usually applied if requested.

Are there any special recommendations for treatment?

We advise antibiotic cream like fucidin on the treated area twice daily for two days. And protect the treated areas from sun exposure.

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