What is Microdermabrasion?

What is Microdermabrasion?

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Are you looking for a procedure that promises to make you look younger, more vibrant and have fewer skin discolorations and wrinkles? The answer is, microdermabrasion is one treatment that can give you all of these results and even more in anywhere from one to six sessions.

What is Microdermabrasion (Diamond Peel)?

The term microdermabrasion describes a mechanical exfoliation of the skin. As with many dermatological professional services, the products used by professionals are different.  Professional products are much more effective than the ones you will find at your local salon or specialty stores.

How Does Microdermabrasion Work?

All types of microdermabrasion consist of taking small particles or granules and using them to rub or blow onto the skin and take off the top layer of dead skin cells.

More aggressive forms of microdermabrasion performed by professionals may take off multiple layers of dead skin cells and provide faster results. A professional microdermabrasion, uses a machine that uses a rotating mechanical device that has abrasive Diamond Head. The wand also has a suction function that pulls the dead skin cells back into the wand.

The most effective system in my experience is SilkPeel™. The system uses Diamond Head that evenly abrades the skin at a depth of 30 microns resulting in exfoliation of damaged cells. Our system will also deliver targeted topical solutions deep into skin layers. These solutions formulated for the treatment of acne, aging, and pigmentation offering immediate results with no downtime and no pain. Depending on your level of sensitivity, the procedure will either feel like a mild scratching or be virtually painless.

Who Can Get Microdermabrasion?

Only those with the most sensitive skin cannot get microdermabrasion. Following the professional service, you may see some redness of the skin, but this is normal. In the hours and days following any microdermabrasion, sunscreen is essential. Your skin will be slightly irritated from the procedure, and also the new skin that was exposed is easily sunburned. If you are not sure you are a good candidate for microdermabrasion, check with your doctor.

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