Would a Glycolic Acid Peel Transform Your Aging Skin?

Would a Glycolic Acid Peel Transform Your Aging Skin?

Glycolic Facial PeelAre you looking for a solution to aging skin? Chemical peels have become a popular and effective way to reduce the signs of aging and brighten the complexion. Glycolic acid peel a very popular type of chemical peel, commonly known as the “lunchtime peel.”

The lunchtime peel gets its name from the fact that it can be done during lunch hour with no downtime, meaning you can return to work and no one will ever know you had a peel.

Glycolic Acid Face Peel Effective in Treating Sun-Damaged Skin

Studies have shown glycolic acid face peel can be effective in treating the signs of sun damaged aging skin. Not only do they reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles, but they also have been shown to stimulate collagen production which can help slow down the aging process. Also, they can reduce unwanted pigmentation due to age spots and long-term sun damage.

Glycolic acid facial peels usually performed in a doctor’s office and also require no anesthesia of any type. The procedure takes about 20 minutes in most cases. The face thoroughly cleansed in preparation for the glycolic acid solution. The solution evenly applied to the face and neck and allowed to remain on the skin for about three minutes. The solution is then washed off. Most patients experience a slight stinging sensation while the solution on their skin very well tolerated.

What Are The Results Glycolic Acid Facial Peel?

After a glycolic acid face peel, your skin usually appears brighter and also a bit more vibrant and rosy. It usually takes several consecutive face peels to see the reduction in fine lines and wrinkling. Side effects are minimal, consisting of some skin flaking and peeling for a few days after the procedure. In extreme cases, your skin may appear to have a mild sunburn. Since glycolic acid can make your skin more susceptible to the damaging rays of the sun, your doctor will probably recommend the use of a good sunscreen.

The disadvantage of a glycolic facial peel is the lack of an immediate beneficial effect on wrinkles, as repeated peels usually required. The other downside may be the cost. Although the price of an individual face peel can be quite reasonable when a series of peels required it can be more expensive. Despite this, most people find the results quite gratifying and well worth the potential price.

If you’re looking for a quick and effective way to improve the appearance of your skin, you may want to consider a glycolic acid facial peel.


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