Effective Treatment For Enlarged Pores

Effective Treatment For Enlarged Pores

Enlarged Pores Treatment

Enlarged Pores Treatment

The tone and texture of our skin will diminish with age, and also sun damage, and type genetics. Skin pores are an exact example of this; they enlarge and dilate due to degeneration of collagen and elastin.

The enlarged pores then attract dirt, bacteria, and oil accumulation. And in turn, this leads to the formation of blackheads, and whiteheads, leading to further increase in the pore size and prominence. Our QS-Ultralight (Nd: YAG and Q-Switched) Laser treatment leads to rejuvenation the skin’s collagen and elastin properties.

QS-Ultralight Laser Enlarged pores treatment:

Enlarged Pores Treatment  with QS-Ultralight Laser focuses on the deep cellular stimulation of collagen growth and remodeling, and also the re-establishment of the elastin fibers. By stimulating the body’s natural healing leading to balanced, healthy tissue growth at the cellular level for optimal lasting results.

Enlarged Pores Treatment will not only eradicate enlarged pores, but also will improve the overall skin tone, and texture of the face. QS-Ultralight is gentle, non-abrasive laser procedure leaves the client with no downtime. This treatment will also assist with this acne elimination as well.

What are the precautions before treatment?

Before any laser treatment can occur, you must protect your skin from the sun for about two weeks. In this time you will have a consultation with our laser technician, who is an experienced nurse. Before treatment we will discuss your procedure, and you will be free to ask any questions. If acne is present, the doctor may suggest an antibiotic to complement the laser therapy and healing process.

Is there any pain during enlarged pores treatment?

There is no pain involved with this procedure; it is very gentle. There will be a warming of the skin. Eye shields must placed on your eyes to protect them from the laser light.

What do I need to do after my Laser Therapy?

You must avoid direct sunlight, and must use sunscreen with SPF 40 or better.

How many treatments will be required?

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