Cosmo Peel Skin Treatment

Cosmo Peel Skin Treatment

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Cosmo Peel Skin Treatment

Cosmo peel skin treatment is our deepest skin peel. The advantage of Cosmo Peel is no downtime, comfortable and quick. For best results, we advise four sessions of in-clinic Cosmo peels spaced two weeks apart along with the homecare needed to achieve and maintain best results.

Cosmo Peel Skin Treatment

What is Cosmo Peel skin treatment?

The homecare includes a glycolic cleanser (Foamer 15), and also a vitamin C anti-oxidant serum (Serum C25). The homecare also includes a glycolic cream (Turnover Cream), lightening cream (Light Ceutic), and repairing cream with SPF 40(K Ceutic). For best results, we advise the homecare products started two weeks before in clinic peels to prepare the skin. Sun Light and UV exposure should be avoided during the entire course of treatment and for one month after the last treatment. These peels indicated for wrinkles, thin or frail skin, sagging skin, acne scarring, pigmentation or deep sun damage.

What are the benefits?

Cosmo peel face treatment is our deepest peel. This is quick and comfortable treatment that requires no downtime.

  •  Rejuvenation peels create drastic results with no downtime.
  • They improve the texture and luminescence of your skin.
  • They stimulate cell renewal, reduce lines and wrinkles.
  • Rejuvenation peels delay skin aging.
  • Your skin will regain a soft and rejuvenated appearance day after day.

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