Carbon Peel Treatment

Carbon Peel Treatment

Carbon Peel


Carbon Peel Treatment

A carbon peel treatment is a revolutionary laser treatment that is painless with no downtime. It is an excellent way to exfoliate and refresh the skin, providing instant results with skin appearing fresher and feeling smoother, softer and firmer.

Extremely beneficial for people with dull skin, and also blackheads and enlarged pores, oily skin, and acne on the face or body. A Laser beam focused on the skin after covering it with a thin layer of carbon of micro to Nano size. Laser beam vaporizes the carbon taking dead skin cells, contaminants, and also oil with it.

Skin pores simultaneously minimized, the growth of connective tissue increases while the carbon particles exfoliate the skin and purge skin pores.

What benefits does Carbon Peel provide?


As the laser passed over the treatment area, it blasts away dead skin cells, blackheads and also effectively exfoliates the skin.

Resulting in softer, radiant skin with reduced pore size and an evener skin tone.


Carbon; known to have the ability to absorb oil and contaminants from deep within the pores.

When the laser passed over the treatment, it destroys the carbon particles, taking any absorbing material with it.


Carbon peel treatment also target the deep layers of the skin to stimulate collagen production. And also, in turn, produces firmer skin, and also increased skin fullness.

This peel also reduces fine lines and wrinkles and leaving the skin feeling tighter and glowing.

Acne and Oil Destroying:

Additional benefits of carbon peel treatment, it reduces the P. Acnes bacteria, and it also shrinks the oil-producing glands (sebaceous glands), resulting in less oily skin and less or no acne. P. Acne is responsible for acne.

As with any skin treatments, carbon peels should be supplemented with good skin care routine, and daily use of a high SPF sunscreen.

Noticeable results usually are seen after a single treatment, but for maximum long-term results, we recommend regular treatments.

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