How to Avoid Skin Cancer: What You Need to Know

How to Avoid Skin Cancer: What You Need to Know

How to Avoid Skin Cancer
How to Avoid Skin Cancer

Did you know that skin cancer is the most prevalent form of cancer in the United States? Do you know if you are more at risk of getting skin cancer than the average person? Do you know the keys to skin cancer prevention?

Healthcare professionals have known these things for years, but even those who spend their days in the hospital are not immune. Here are some risk factors and things to avoid in the battle to eradicate skin cancer!


Tanning is the trend nowadays. It has been for a while, and it doesn’t seem to be fading away. However, tanning uses Ultraviolet Radiation a known human carcinogen. The light making you tan is the exact thing that can cause cancer. Just one standard indoor tanning session increases your risk of getting skin cancer anywhere from 29 to 67 percent.

The moral of the story? Stay away from tanning beds! A golden tan is not worth getting cancer.

Unprotected Sun Exposure

Another oldie, but still a goodie. Whenever exposed to the sun, ultraviolet radiation soaks into your skin. As previously stated, UVR is a known carcinogen. Don’t misunderstand, being outdoors and in the sunlight is a good thing. It is the best source of vitamin D for humans after all.

You can’t go out in the sun unprotected without consequences though. While sunlight is not concentrated like a tanning session, it can still be harmful. Always wear sunscreen! No matter what season it is. Some people think they don’t need sunscreen in the winter. UVR is less intense in the winter, but can still damage your skin.

Ladies, an added note for you. Many makeup products and moisturizers come with sun protection already in them. Look for products with an SPF rating and make protecting your skin a part of your daily routine!

Age Before Beauty

The truth of the matter, the more unprotected exposure you have to the sun and to the ultraviolet rays of tanning beds, the more you will age. Your skin will look older that much sooner, and if you wait until you see the signs of aging, you will have missed your golden opportunity to keep that youthful glow for longer.

Did you know that the vast majority of a person’s sun exposure happens before they turn 18? That means that those of you who have kids should pay special attention to your children. Make sure they always wear sunscreen to keep their skin healthy and protected!

Cases of pediatric skin cancer are on the rise, and most occur between the ages of 10 and 19. These are the ages when children have more and more autonomy and parents may not be as vigilant about the sunscreen rule! Also, many cases of pediatric skin cancer are diagnosed late because most people don’t think their children will get skin cancer. Remain adamant about sunscreen and make sure your kids know how to stay safe!

These are just a few tips about skin cancer prevention. Just know, even one tanning session increases your risk of developing skin cancer by up to 67 percent! You are your best defense against developing skin cancer! Listen to the professionals and take care of yourself!

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