Seven Best Anti-Aging Foods

Seven Best Anti-Aging Foods

Anti-aging foods

Seven Best Anti-Aging Foods

No matter how we might feel about it, the clock is ticking for all of us. On the contrary, we’re forced to make the best of every minute of our existence and attempt to maintain good health.

Fortunately, there are some ways to slow down the most debilitating effects of age, making us feel physically and mentally younger than we might actually be. The paragraphs that follow highlight some of the best anti-aging foods you can add to your diet.

1) Watermelon

 The main reason watermelon is listed here is because it contains lots of lycopene and beta-carotene. Both of these carotenoids work together to protect your skin from the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun. They settle into the outer layer of the skin, where they begin repairing damaged cells, effectively improving your body’s UV defenses by up to 20 percent and preserving your youthful appearance.

Anti-aging foods

 2) Avocado

 The avocado is a healthy choice for several reasons, many of which are due to the monounsaturated fats it contains. These fats are actually able to slip through the cell membranes themselves and protect them from the damage caused by free radicals. Depending on the particular cells, this can result in not only better-looking skin, but also improved mental acuity and renewed youthful vigor. Avocados also contain boron, which helps your bones to absorb calcium better, as well as loads of fiber to flush out the toxins that contribute to premature aging.

 3) Is Broccoli one of the An anti-aging Foods

 Although you might have hated broccoli when you were young, there’s plenty of reason to love it as you get older. Rich in antioxidants, broccoli boasts a pretty impressive ability to prevent disease. This dark green vegetable contains an almost ridiculously high amount of isothiocyanates. Isothiocyanates are compounds that is known to aggressively combat cancer. They work by shutting off the genes that cause the disease and activating the ones that fight it.

 4) Arctic Char

 If you like salmon, you should seriously consider giving Arctic char a try. It basically provides you with all the same benefits you would expect from wild salmon.  But Arctic char is farmed in a way that is considered more environmentally sustainable. The amount of omega-3 fats in Arctic char is about the same (roughly 1300 milligrams in a four-ounce piece), making it an excellent choice to protect your skin from excessive or premature wrinkling. Omega-3 fats are also excellent for your brain cells and your eyes, ensuring that both your mind and vision remain sharp, as you age.

 5) Green Vegetable Juice

 One practice that has caught on considerably these days is juicing and with good reason. When you juice green vegetables, you help break down the cell walls of the plant. Making it much easier for the body to absorb its vital nutrients, with minimal effort on the part of the digestive system. It’s actually the most efficient way to deliver those vitamins and minerals to the places where they need to go. Depending on the season, you’ll find that different green vegetables may be available, but they’re all great candidates for juicing.

 6) Pumpkin Seeds is one of the  rich in anti-aging foods

 The ingredient that makes pumpkin seeds a winner in the fight against aging is vitamin E. Without enough of it, your skin is much more vulnerable to damage from free radicals. This can damage your skin greatly over time. The inner parts of the cell are surrounded by a delicate membrane that is made of fatty tissue. And if vitamin E is not present to take up the brunt of the attack,  then fatty tissues will quickly be destroyed. If pumpkin seeds are not your thing, you can also substitute with sunflower seeds or almonds.

 7) Cucumber

 The last item on our list is the cucumber, but it’s actually the peel that is most valuable to someone who’s trying to turn back the clock. That thick, green skin is actually made of silica, which is one of the building blocks of collagen. Collagen is a special protein that your skin requires to keep the wrinkles at bay. There’s no established minimum intake yet for silica, many experts seem to think that 5 milligrams per day should suffice. That’s about the amount you’ll get in one complete peel. So if you dice an entire cucumber into your salad, your skin will appreciate it.

 It shouldn’t be hard to make an improvement that can help you look and feel younger. Some of the best anti-aging foods are good for bones and brain cells. While others are more beneficial to the digestive system or the skin. Whatever the case, if you find a way to incorporate them all into your diet, you can reduce the word “age” to a mere number.

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